At Pediatric Dentistry of Central Ohio, we provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art oral care for infants, children and adolescents. Our goal is to provide your child with the tools he or she needs to enjoy a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. As your pediatric dentist in Pickerington, we make dental care a positive, stress-free experience, keeping your child informed and relaxed at every visit. We believe that by providing high quality pediatric dental care we are helping your child to establish a lifelong commitment to maintaining oral health.

An accomplished and experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Joshua M. Leavitt, earned his dental degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He then went on to complete specialized training in pediatric dentistry at the University of Toledo Medical Center, as well as a Master’s Degree in Oral Biology at the University of Toledo. Dr. Leavitt is committed to making dental care a productive and stress free experience for children of all ages, addressing any anxieties or emotional needs your child may have at dental visits. As a father of five children, Dr. Leavitt stays active in the Pickerington, OH community, attending local sporting events and volunteering with his church.

With a focus on preventive care, our office recommends that dental checkups start around your child’s first birthday, when his or her first tooth will typically erupt. The purpose of this visit is to allow the pediatric dentist to examine your little one’s teeth, gums and the supporting structures as well as to enable your child to become comfortable with going to the dentist. As your child grows and more teeth are present, our dentist also performs a teeth cleaning at checkup visits, and provides informative and engaging guidance on the best techniques for brushing and flossing at home. When your child’s permanent molars come in, our dentist may recommend dental sealants, which seal out plaque and food debris from depositing in the biting surfaces of the back teeth. We also suggest periodic fluoride treatments, which strengthen the outermost layer of tooth enamel.

It’s important to protect your child’s baby teeth against decay, as these teeth serve as placeholders for the adult permanent teeth. Losing a baby tooth too early can cause misalignments of the permanent teeth later on. While small cavities in baby teeth can be treated and restored with a simple filling, more extensive dental decay that has reached the inner vital tissues of the tooth may require a procedure known as a pulpotomy to preserve the tooth in place until the permanent one is ready to erupt into the mouth. In the event that a baby tooth has been prematurely lost, our office may suggest the placement of a simple appliance known as a space maintainer to keep the area intact for the permanent tooth.

Providing the highest quality of care, while ensuring your child’s comfort are the hallmark values of Pediatric Dentistry of Central Ohio. As your pediatric dentist, we will also track the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaw at each visit, and will recommend orthodontic treatment as required.

Throughout treatment, our pediatric dentist uses advanced approaches to keep your child comfortable and relaxed. Sensitive to every child’s needs, safe and effective nitrous oxide sedation is available to address and any fear or trepidation your child may have about dental treatment. Laser technology can also improve your child’s level of comfort, making certain procedures possible without the heat, pressure or vibration of traditional dental equipment.

Pediatric Dentistry of Central Ohio is located on Cross Creeks Boulevard in Pickerington, OH, near your favorite local restaurants and shops. For residents of Pickerington, as well as neighboring Reynoldsburg and Brice, we are a convenient choice for your trusted pediatric dentist. Pickerington is a small city in the central region of Ohio, located just east of Columbus. Known as the Violet Capital of Ohio, you’ll love strolling our local parks and taking in the sites of nature. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just stopping in for a visit, you’ll appreciate the natural beauty of Pickerington, OH.

In addition to our accessible location and advanced approach to treatment, here at Pediatric Dentistry of Central Ohio, we make dental care more easily affordable. We work with most major insurance providers. An expert on staff will help you to file claims and maximize your benefits. To learn more about our services, give us a call today.